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  By CrosslinkS     21 Jan2019

Is It So Hard to Send Money Online to Philippines Via Bank Transfer & Cash Pickup?

People residing in Canada can seamlessly send money online to Philippines Via Crosslinks Money. We offer services like bank transfer, cash pickup & Home delivery to all our existing users. This is not just a safe and secure way to transfer money, but you will also get the best exchange rate compared to any another remittance service provider.

In 2017, Crosslinks was founded to improvise the fast and economic transfers payment mechanism in the finance & remittance sector. The Company head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As token of happiness, we have offered a lifetime first free transfer to all the new users. Crosslinks Money believe in establishing a long-term relationship with all the customers. If you have still not taken the advantage of all our services, then register today and start your hassle-free transfer from Canada to other countries at the lowest fee, by login into your profile..

If You still have any query related to the registration process, then follow the below mentioned steps:

Every new user will get the special rates for the specific country where they want to transfer the funds. And in the case of an existing user, the customer will get the everyday rates. Crosslinks Money offer two transfer mode, based on how early they want to transfer the amount. One is “Fast,” and the other one is “Regular.” The customer who selects the fast mode will be able to transfer the amount to their beneficiary on the next business day. In case of regular mode, the amount will get transferred within a 1-3 business day. .

  • 1. Visit the website & click the “Register Now” button located on the left-hand topmost corner.
  • 2. Here a New window will appear on your screen, fill all the mandatory field and then click the "continue" button. The other way to register is to click on the “Get Started” button, after entering the email address and password. This action will register you as a new customer, plus your rates will be locked for the next 4 hours.
  • 3. Returning user can click on the "Sign in" Button. After that, a new screen will appear, enter your "Email ID" & the "Password".
  • 4. Next you will land on the "Send Money " screen. Here you need to select the "Payment Method" & "Delivery Method" based on your beneficiary country.
  • 5. Now, input the amount you want to transfer your beneficiary and click" Save & Continue Sending".
  • 6. Select your beneficiary from the existing list. Else you can also add a new beneficiary.
  • 7. When a beneficiary is selected, you have to choose the “Reason for sending & Source of Income", followed by a click on the " Save & Continue Sending".
  • 8. Lastly, you need to review the complete transaction details and then click on the “Submit Transaction” button.
  • 9. The moment you will submit the transaction, an order id like CLONL###### will generate.
  • 10. Now login into your bank account and select the Interac e-Transfer.
  • 11. Now add the recipient using MANAGE RECIPIENT / ADD RECIPIENT option. The user can start the EMT process by mentioning the following information.
  • 12. Firstly, enter Crosslinks Money Transfer in the “Recipient's Name” section and Send EMT to
  • 13. Next, put the Transaction order number in the blank box of security question