Management Team


Soumya Dutta

Chief Executive Officer

Soumya is a treasury professional and has been associated with the Money Transfer industry over the last 25 years, having consulted for treasury structures and modules for most of the leading money transfer companies across the globe. All along he had felt that the cost of transfers, which comprises mainly of fees and forex conversions, should be minimal for the sender and Crosslinks was born to address this goal. Coming from a financial technology background, he realised that the future of money transfer would be cashless and digital, aided by technology which can upload or download money though any payment system across the globe and this platform promises to deliver just that.

He has a Masters in Business Management and Computer Applications and is a Certified Treasury Professional, specialising in Derivatives, technical analysis and treasury risk management and is also the founder of Eforex India ( ), a digital currency platform offering hedging solutions and recipient of the best digital brands award by Price Water House Coopers. He is also a pioneer in digitizing the currency exchange business and forex digital content provider across Asia. .


Mourad Hamrouni

Executive Director

Has strong experience dealing with USA main financial banking FX & Commodities regulators such as Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (, Commodity and Futures Trading Commission ( and National Futures Associations ( Being an American and French citizen, he brings on board his vast experience in technical and compliance which is paramount to this business while his experience in working across the globe and fluent command over multiple languages would help in business promotion and expansion. With over 30 years of experience in Margin Trading, FX & Commodities with various organizations in the US, he was the head of Commerce Bank in Boston and also the founder of the Forex Risk management and training company for Banks and institutions out of Washington DC (


Sujoy Kanjilal

Chief Operating Officer

He has worked and managed operations & marketing for leading money transfer companies like the Western Union, Ez Remit & Ria Financial in the US and Asia and also for the digital wallet company MatchMove Pay. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, he started Ria Financial Services, in Asia, based in Mumbai. Apart from building the business in South Asia & Southeast Asia regions which were already existing. Has worked closely with, almost all the regulators in the region of Asia. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he is also the Chief Compliance Officer of the company and responsible for business development and operations.


The founders of Crosslinks are drawn from theMoney Transfer and Banking industry and together they bring to the table more than 30 years of experience in international cross border remittance, treasury and forex expertise. They have been associated with most the reputed Money Transfer companies present today and realised the need to offer low cost transfers and real time forex rates, something which the traditional companies were unable to offer due to their agent and vendor systems and thereby resulting in high overheads. This product aims to connect all digital instruments to send and receive money and thus remit and receive on the move.

Its strategic partners include the Royal Bank of Canada, Interac, Moneris, Visa, Paypal and DC Bank in Canada and major banks different countries to bring about a true digital experience. The logo of Crosslinks depicts this philosophy of Uniting Nations, Uniting People and Uniting Minds and aims to revolutionize the world of remitting money across the globe.