Promotional Terms & Conditions

Special Rate & Promotion

Special FX Rate is available for first time customers only and is limited to only one (1) per customer for their first transaction successfully made with Crosslinks Money. Existing customers are not eligible for this Special FX Rates. Crosslinks Money, in its sole discretion, will disqualify and void the customer’s account from receiving the Special FX Rate, if the customer engages in any means by which an attempt is made to misuse the promotional rates.


Special FX Terms & Conditions:

1) Crosslinks reserves the right to limit the number of individuals per household who are eligible for this Promotion. The Special Rate by Crosslinks is strictly limited to one per person, family, household address, email address and telephone number.

2) Any attempt by a customer to abuse this Promotion by using multiple/different identities, registrations, logins, and/or any other methods, will void and disqualify the customer from receiving the Promotion at Crosslinks sole discretion.

3) Crosslinks reserves the right to void the Promotion, or individual transfers, if transfers appear to be fraudulent or are not compliant with Crosslinks User Agreement.

4) The Special FX Rate will be applied by Crosslinks directly to your qualifying transfer. All FX rates are subject to change from time to time at Crosslinks Money Transfer discretion.

5) Crosslinks will not entertain any requests from Customers and/or third parties to provide the bank’s rate (including the daily highest or lowest bank’s rate) at any given point in time.

6) Crosslinks reserves the right to replace or cancel the Promotion and Special Rate with other item(s) of similar value without prior notice.

7) A transfer is considered “successfully completed” when funds are deposited into your intended recipient's bank account. If the transaction is not successfully completed, the Special FX Rate available at the time of initiation will not be applied to any future transfers. Crosslinks is not obliged to entertain any requests if the transactions have not been successful.

8) Please ensure accurate information is given and there are enough sufficient funds for your transfer. In the event of missing information and/or insufficient funds, Crosslinks have the right to reject the application.

9) Crosslinks Money reserves the right to refuse the creation of duplicate accounts made intentionally or unintentionally, for the same user due to security and customer identification requirements. In a case where duplicate accounts are detected; Crosslinks Money reserves the right to close or merge these duplicate accounts without notification to you.